Scripps Ranch Holiday Lighting Contest & Map!

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Imagine this: you have your kids all packed up, cookies to deliver to your favorite neighbors and would love to make your evening festive with some holiday lights. In a normal year, you could plan on going to the infamous neighborhoods we know and love, like Candy cane and Christmas card lane and making a night of it. However, this year, it’s not recommended to cram ourselves into those busy cul-de-sacs, even if it is outside. Of course, we still love those houses that take all of the time and effort to show out year after year, so we wanted to find a way to celebrate them and the holiday season, even if it isn’t the same.

We thought it would be nice to start a map of all of the beautiful homes we can appreciate right in our own community. Our office teamed up with Scripps Ranch News to provide a map of all the local holiday lights so when you pack those kiddos in the car, you know where to go! We also decided to make things more interesting and add a friendly competition! If you are one of our awesome neighbors who took the time to channel your inner Clark Griswald and also filled out the handy-dandy application here are the categories!

Categories & Prizes

All of the Categories and gifts will be voted on by the 24/7, Inc. Real Estate Team and will be posted on the Scripps Ranch News website.

Norman Rockwell Award

Truly elegant displays that accentuate & coordinate with the beauty & elegance of the home

$250 gift card for Home Depot

The Clark Griswold Award

The Most Over The Top Lights with lighting displays and motion

$100 gift card to Amazon

The Nostalgia Award

Reminds me of my childhood

$50 gift card to Public House

Misfit Toy Award

Best Use of Inflatables

$25 gift card to The French Oven

Grandma Got Run Over Award

Funniest - $25 gift card to Nutmeg

The Sparkle Award

Twinkliest Lights

$25 gift card to Board and Brew

We are truly hoping this can be an annual event that will grow and improve with each year. Please share this information with your neighbors and enjoy the lights this holiday season. You can look for the printed map in the December issue of the Scripps Ranch News delivered directly to your door.

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