Author Bio

Robyn Flint is the mother of three outstanding young men, a “MiMi” to two beautiful grandchildren, and a mom to a 9 year old black Lab named Jade. She lives in SW Virginia with her husband and love of her life of 27 years. Robyn has a MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, is a licensed Real Estate Agent in Virginia, a Pampered Chef Consultant, and a wanna-be homesteader. In her free time, Robyn enjoys watching movies, reading, doing crafts, and thrift shopping with her best friend of 24 years.

Robyn’s story started when, at the age of 17, she experienced an unplanned pregnancy and was forced to choose. She chose to give birth and place her son in a closed adoption. Then, 19 years later, while a freshman at Virginia Tech, Robyn’s oldest son witnessed the horrific act of violence that took the lives of his classmates one fateful day in April. It was at that time that his adoptive mother told him to find his birth parents because life is not a guarantee and another day isn’t promised.

On October 7, 2007 Robyn stared into the face of her oldest son for the very first time since he was born. Since that time, Robyn and her family have established a close family relationship with her oldest son and his adoptive family. They have had to navigate through some difficulties that occur when meshing two families into one. It has been a learning experience, one filled with love, hope, and countless blessings.